Beauté et Bête is the curious story of two image-makers whose disparate backgrounds form a near perfect union. Directors, cinematographers and photographers, the duo of Elizabeth Perrin and Kenny Morrison share a love for all things fashion and beauty. Their slightly askew artistic inclinations allow Kenny and Elizabeth to complement one another quite beautifully. "Desire Without End" is their first project together, setting a precedent for exquisite visual artistry.


Kenny Morrison has a deep infatuation with beauty. Believing beauty and fashion photography is akin to sorcery, he revels in the way light falls on skin and fabric. While considering the possibility that a photograph assures human control of supernatural agencies, Kenny sets about casting artful spells with evocative storytelling and design.


Elizabeth Perrin is steeped in the ways of fashion; her beauty comes naturally from a deep wellspring of spiritual energy. Elizabeth is drawn to the ephemeral, luminescent and radiant qualities of nature, but it is the touching in the sensory realm that she derives her original cinematic style.